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Applying Human Factors to Incident Investigations (May 2024/25)

The Applying Human Factors to Incident Investigation programme is designed to equip staff with the knowledge and skills to use a systems approach to incident investigation. 

*Please note that participants should have completed the online Human Factors Basics programme prior to attending this programme.* 

This is a great opportunity for programme participants to develop their understanding of Human Factors and apply this methodology to case studies with peers. The programme introduces the concept of system thinking and provides participants with the opportunity to discuss their own work context. Participants will grow their investigative mindset, whilst developing their knowledge and skills of the investigative process from the event timeline to recommendations for improvement. The programme also includes the opportunity to discuss and reflect on the essential components of good investigation, including;  


  • Being open and honest.
  • Duty of candour.
  • Co-designing investigations.
  • Just culture.
  • Systems based frameworks.
  • Closing the loop from recommendations to action. 


This is a very exciting time for healthcare investigation. If your role sits within investigation and has investigative aspects, then this programme is suitable for you.

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Course content

  • Lesson Applying Human Factors to Incident Investigations - Day One Lesson type: Event
    • Applying Human Factors to Incident Investigations - Day One
    • AHFII Master Day 1 - Copy - v2024.pdf