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Improvement Flexible Skills (C1) 2024/25 - M1: Introduction to Quality Improvement

Welcome to Cohort 1 and Module 1 of Improvement Flexible Skills.

Our CPD accredited Improvement Flexible Skills programme offers a versatile option for individuals seeking an introduction to Quality Improvement (QI) skills. You have the flexibility to complete some or all of the remaining 7 modules either as part of this cohort or in future cohorts. To register, please click on the module links below:

1. Introduction to Quality Improvement

2. Model for Improvement & Project Management

3. Process Mapping

4. Engaging Stakeholders, Managing Change, and Transitions

5. Introduction to Measurement for Improvement

6. Creativity in Improvement

7. Sustainability of Improvement

8. Introduction to Demand and Capacity Management

Each module will be accompanied by an evaluation of learning to ensure comprehension and progress.

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    • Improvement Flexible Skills - M1: Introduction to Quality Improvement - 15.05.24