Safety Culture Survey
Expires on 31/03/2024
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Safety Culture Survey

This programme provides the tools, skills and knowledge for participants to oversee the successful use of a safety culture survey in organisations. Participants of this programme will develop a working knowledge of safety culture theory and the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) safety culture survey and the support that Aqua provides to enable deployment and analysis of the survey.

Part 1 of this programme helps participants identify what individual & organisational commitments are required to undertake the Safety Culture Survey.  This features a road map to undertaking an Aqua supported Safety Culture survey, and a short video which provides more information on the Aqua Safety Culture offer. 

Part 2 of this programme features an application/checklist for participants to complete if they would like to pursue the Aqua Safety Culture offer and undertake the Safety Culture survey. 

**Please note, do not complete Part 2 if: 

You do not wish to implement the survey at your organisation at this time and/or

You have been asked to participate in Part 1 of this programme as your organisation/team/unit/department has already submitted an application/confirmed they are undertaking a Safety Culture survey

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Course content

  • Lesson Safety Culture Survey - Part 1

    This Part 1 is a short introduction to Safety Culture and the AHRQ Safety Culture Survey.

    • Safety Culture Survey - road map V2.pdf
    • A short recorded presentation - what is safety culture? and an introduction to the AHRQ survey
    • Example Safety Culture Survey report
    • An Iceberg model for safety culture
    • Resources and further reading